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Youth Peer Support Services in Pennsylvania are designed to empower young individuals aged 14 and older who are navigating serious emotional disturbances. The aim is to provide a nurturing environment where youth can find support, understanding, and the skills they need to thrive.

In recognition of the unique challenges faced by young adults and adolescents, Youth Peer Support Services (YPSS) are available to individuals aged 14-26 in Pennsylvania. Youth Peer Support Programs are rooted in the belief that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve wellness and lead fulfilling lives. Youth Peer Support is established in 19 out of 67 counties in Pennsylvania, with 35 service providers operating within those counties. Despite its presence, Youth Peer Support remains significantly underutilized in our state. 

Providing Youth Peer Support in Pennsylvania

In order to provide Youth Peer Support Services in the state, providers must do the following:

  • Be a Peer Provider offering Medicaid Billable Services in Pennsylvania.
  • Providers must complete the application process and update their service description to include Youth Peer Support for individuals aged 14-17, with the potential to extend the age range up to 21 or 26 depending on the funding source.
  • Compliance with the Child Protective Services Law (Chapter 63, Title 23) in Pennsylvania is essential when working with youth. OMHSAS requires information about individuals employed to work with youth, in accordance with current regulations.
  • Contact the OMHSAS Regional Office to inform the licensing team of your intent to start or modify services. There are 4 regional offices in the state. For more information, visit Mental Health Programs Licensing on

Youth Peer Support Providers
Map curated by the TAYYA Sub Committee
To submit your provider information to our database, click here.

​Central Field Office: ​(P) 717-705-8395 | (F) ​717-705-8386
Northeast Field Office: ​(P) 570-963-4335 | (F) ​570-963-3050
Southeast Field Office: (P) ​610-313-5844 | (F) ​610-313-5845

Southwest Field Office: (P) ​412-565-5226 | (F) ​412-565-5393

For a full list of PA Youth Peer Support guidelines and regulations, click here.

What are Youth Peer Support Services?

Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) Certified Peer Specialist Programs are tailored to support individuals in achieving their goals as they transition to adulthood. These programs serve individuals aged 14-26, working collaboratively with families when applicable. Services support individuals with serious emotional disturbances and/or mental health diagnoses, pairing them with Certified Peer Specialists to develop coping mechanisms and life goals.

Services include:

  • 1:1 support and encouragement
  • Goal setting assistance
  • Conflict and crisis resolution
  • Identification of natural and community resources
  • Navigation of community resources
  • Problem-solving skills development
  • Individualized service/support plan development
  • Positive coping strategies
  • Support with self-help skills and decision-making
  • Community advocacy


Explore the links below to find resources and further information on youth peer support.


If you are a Certified Peer Specialist interested in working with youth and young adults, Youth MOVE PA offers a Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) Peer Training for peer professionals. This comprehensive 3-day workshop is designed to improve your knowledge and abilities when working with young adults. Engage in conversations, skill building, and education that focuses on peer empowered story sharing, relationship building, and much more. Certificate is provided.

For training dates and registration, head to Youth MOVE PA - Training & Education (

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At Youth MOVE PA, we are dedicated to advocating for the promotion of youth peer support across the state. If you are a peer provider interested in offering Youth Peer Support Services, please reach out to us for assistance at


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