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Peer Generation Youth Empowerment Training (PGYE)

“The number of children in America diagnosed with anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions is on the rise. It’s time to heed President Biden’s call to strengthen mental health in America, especially for our littlest ones. Young or old, we deserve a chance to build resilience and thrive.” - HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra.

Peer Generation Youth Empowerment gives young people the opportunity to be connected to peer support and explore resiliency!

Peer Generation Youth Empowerment Trainings are offered through a collaborative partnership between The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and Youth MOVE PA. Peer Generation Youth Empowerment®️ (PGYE) is owned and copyrighted by the Copeland Center. Together, Youth MOVE PA and the Copeland Center are striving to make this available to youth and youth peer supporters to address the statewide need of strengthening the youth peer support workforce. We also believe this training is a crucial step to ensuring that Pennsylvania Youth have an opportunity to learn about Peer Support as a career pathway and to embrace resiliency and empowerment in their own lives.

Questions about Peer Generation Youth Empowerment: Please contact Kyneta Lee at or Kevin Puskaric at

  • Recognizes peer support as a critical component to all models of treatment (based on 13 models of care serving both youth and adults)

    • The report calls for 25% of the entire behavioral health workforce to be Peer Support Specialists.
    • This report states: “It is estimated that 1,900,736 children or 67% of children with Serious Emotional Disturbance that receive their treatment in school settings will benefit from school based behavioral health staff.”

    • It elaborates that of every 200 students, five Peer Specialists should be included on the team composition, which would also include one child psychiatrist, one psychologist, one social worker, and five behavioral health aides.

      Peer Generation Youth Empowerment Training® is a youth driven and youth developed curriculum that offers an experiential introduction to youth peer support. The training focuses on strategies for resiliency and offers pathways for individuals to get in touch with their unique and authentic selves. Participants will experience an environment that is culturally grounded and focuses on practical ways to be inclusive toward the diversity of all communities and experiences. Individuals will be better equipped to practice peer support in real life situations that could be easily implemented. Personal sharing and mutual learning are at the core of this curriculum.

      Learning Objectives:

      • Participants will gain an understanding of youth resiliency
      • Participants will become educated in personalized self-care strategies
      • Participants will increase cultural awareness

      This training has been well received within youth programs in various states, in both rural and urban communities. Participants have reported that this training:

      • Served as a catalyst for personal growth
      • Supported a healing journey and new ways of looking at past experiences
      • Better prepared me for meaningful engagement with my community
      • Enriched my understanding of my own goals and how to stay well while working towards them

      Training Options:

      • 3 full days of in-person training


      • virtual training consisting of six 3-hour sessions

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