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The TAYYA (Transition Age Youth and Young Adults) Subcommittee is a group of youth, young adults, and adult allies coming together to create an advocating voice for transition age youth across Pennsylvania regarding mental health and substance use issues.

The TAYYA Subcommittee is a part of the Children's Advisory Committee of Mental Health Planning Council, whose purpose is to advise the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) on policies related to behavioral and mental health services.

Youth MOVE PA members are active in the TAYYA Subcommittee as a way to share our voices and advocate for a better mental health system for youth in Pennsylvania.


  • Empowerment and Support: The subcommittee's core mission is to provide a platform for young people facing mental health challenges and/or substance use issues. Members advocate for their peers, creating resources and promoting policies that support their well-being during this vulnerable life stage.
  • Across Pennsylvania: TAYYA operates on a statewide level, ensuring that youth and young adults in all corners of Pennsylvania have access to the support and advocacy they need.


  • Youth-Led Initiative: The heart of the TAYYA Subcommittee lies in the voices of the youth and young adults it serves. Their experiences and perspectives are central to shaping the subcommittee's work.
  • Adults as Allies: Adult allies play a crucial supportive role. They offer guidance, mentorship, and amplify the voices of the youth, ensuring a safe and effective environment for advocacy.

Focus Areas:

  • Mental Health: TAYYA addresses various mental health concerns faced by young people, raising awareness, combating stigma, and ensuring access to quality mental health resources.
  • Substance Use: The subcommittee recognizes the challenges of substance use among young people. They advocate for preventative measures, harm reduction strategies, and accessible treatment options.

Interested in joining the TAYYA Subcommittee?

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Contact Co-Chair, Sarah Pesi at


2551 Walnut Street

Harrisburg, PA 17103

Office Phone:  717.221.1022


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