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Welcome to Youth MOVE PA

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Projects by Youth MOVE PA

Peer Generation Youth Empowerment

Peer Generation Youth Empowerment Trainings are offered through a collaborative partnership between The Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery and Youth MOVE PA.

Sources of Strength

"Sources of Strength is the first suicide prevention program involving peer leaders to enhance protective factors associated with reducing suicide at the school population level." - American Journal of Public Health

Thrive for Hope

Thrive for Hope is a peer-led emotional support for youth and young adult between the ages of 16-29 years old. Thrive for Hope is held virtually on Zoom every Thursday from 4pm to 5pm. Click the link to read more about the support group/drop-in.

Wellness Days

Youth MOVE PA has been hosting "Wellness Days" summer retreats annually for two years now. Each year attendance has been growing exponentially, really making year 3 in 2023 something to look forward to for all youth and young adults across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Youth MOVE PA Podcast

Youth MOVE PA typically records 1-2 podcasts per month. Topics discussed on the podcast include recovery, coping skills, wellness tools, awareness months, mental health, and substance use. Click the link to read more about the podcast.

A stigma campaign launched by PMHCA and Youth MOVE PA in March 2022 aimed at crushing stigma where it starts, within ourselves. When we believe mental illness makes us less-than valuable to the world, we invite others to believe the same. When we treat ourselves without grace and compassion, we invite others to treat us similarly. But when we recognize our strengths, celebrate our individuality, and take pride in our journey, we show the world how to do the same. 


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Youth Move PA exists in partnership with 
parent organization, PMHCA. Learn more.

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