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Mental Health Resources:

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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Resources | PA.GOV

Your mental health is important.

Just as we strive for better physical wellness, we can take steps to improve our mental health. This looks different for everyone. Perhaps you’d like to talk to someone, focus more on self-care, consider medication, and/or seek other treatments.

No matter your challenges, there are options to help you. Use this guide to find the support that works for you and your loved ones.

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About Pathways RTC (

Since 2009, the Research and Training Center (RTC) for Pathways to Positive Futures has worked to improve the lives of youth and young adults with serious mental health conditions through rigorous research and effective training and dissemination. Our work is guided by the perspectives of young people, and their families, and based in a positive development framework.

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Healthy Transitions Initiative Toolkit (

The period of “emerging adulthood,” which includes late adolescence and early adulthood, (generally including ages 16 or 17 up through age 25), is a time of life when young people typically experience many changes and challenges. Challenges are exacerbated by the presence of a serious mental health condition. In fact, emerging adulthood is the time of life during which people are most likely to experience a serious mental health condition. Challenges related to having a mental health condition can disrupt a young person’s development during this period of life; however, the services that are available for this population were developed either for children or older adults and have not been modified to match young people’s needs and preferences. It is in this time of life when young people are least likely to access mental health services or remain in services if they do access them. Barriers to accessing services include the fear of stigmatization of their mental health challenge, as well as the perception that the services are not engaging, helpful, or relevant to them. The Healthy Transition Initiative was created to address these barriers and others related to young adults with serious mental health conditions accessing services.

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The Alphabet Soup

Pennsylvania Recovery and Resiliency - Behavioral Health for the New Century

A list abbreviations and acronyms used in the Mental Health and Substance Use systems.


Free or Affordable Counseling in Your Area - OpenCounseling

Results include both sponsored and non-profit providers. We may earn a commission if you choose a sponsored provider (learn more). Fees are set by providers and are usually free-to-low-cost based on your income.

Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania (

The Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania which reflects the ethnic and cultural diversity of the Commonwealth, works on behalf of the mental health of its citizens, instilling principles that facilitate recovery and resiliency of individuals and their families, through advocacy, education, and public policy.

Resources to Recover

Mental Health Resources in Pennsylvania | Resources to Recovery ( is a national website that offers families guidance, support and best practice resources for recovery-oriented mental health care.

PA Families Inc.

Resources for Families in Children, Youth and Families (

PA Families Inc. (PFI) is a not-for-profit Statewide Family Network providing support to families raising children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and special needs, as well as serving as an advocate in the different child serving systems.

Our Statewide Family Network brings experienced families together to offer and receive support around areas of common concern with a special focus on helping families to navigate the child serving systems - mental health, drug and alcohol, children and youth, foster care, juvenile justice, and education.

PFI has a strong network of family members, caregivers, and advocates who welcome the opportunity to guide new families and help them develop a plan to ensure their loved one receive the best care available to them through any number of clinical, community, educational, or legal supports.

The PFI website provides easy access to information on county, regional, and statewide agencies.  The PFI Contact Directory proudly includes family driven support groups who are the foundation of our family network.  

PFI is always looking for new resources to help with those challenges that arise in any system.  Feel free to use our Contact Us form to add a resource to our directory. 

The PFI network represents individuals who have varied life experiences and occupations that have an interest in children and youth, their families, and the dissemination of knowledge to parents and caregivers through relaying information from conferences, trainings, and/or changes in state policies that affect their lives.  PFI provides this information to many of the 15,000 family members in the 67 counties maintained in our database.

PFI is operated by a Governance Board of Directors, the board is comprised of family members who have personal experience with one or more child serving system in Pennsylvania.

Mental Health Resources for Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Addiction

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and addictions to alcohol or drugs often go hand in hand. From government agencies, independent organizations, to private offerings, there are resources available to provide support and treatment for people facing both conditions.

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Cell Phone Addiction: What Are the Signs and Symptoms? (

Common signs of cell phone addiction include signs and symptoms such as; feeling anxious without a phone, an inability to stop checking it, checking it as the first and last thing each day, overuse of too many apps and following too many pages, thinking a smartphone solves everything, compulsive checking of missed notifications, Using a phone a inappropriate times, and missing other opportunities to spend time on a cell phone.

Affordable Health Insurance: Find Coverage by State | Affordable Health Insurance

Insurance plans and availability vary by state and zip code. All plans in the Health Insurance Marketplace must conform to Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards, but your choice in plans, how much you’ll pay, and how you sign up depends on where you live.

Find the most affordable health care insurance options available where you live with our state health care insurance resources.

Medicare for People with Disabilities | Affordable Health Insurance

Statistically, one in four Americans will become disabled before reaching age 65, and health care expenses for those with disabilities can become an overwhelming burden without some form of health insurance. Many people mistakenly believe Medicare is only available to those age 65 and older but Medicare is available to those age 65 and younger who have certain types of disabilities or otherwise meet specified eligibility requirements.


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988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Lifeline (

988 Partner Toolkit

Call or Text 9-8-8

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project | For Young LGBTQ Lives


Youth America Hotline

Youth America Hotline (YAH) | Greater Longview United Way


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Lifeline (

988 Partner Toolkit

Call or Text 9-8-8

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