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Welcome to Youth MOVE PA

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Main Resource Hub

Welcome to our Main Resource Hub! Here, you can find links to resources for a variety of different topics. Click on the tabs below to explore and learn more.

(These pages are currently under construction! Check back soon to see our updates).

An illustration of a multicolored brain with the caption, "Mental Health".

A blue and purple ribbon with the caption, "Suicide Prevention"

A pile of blue, yellow, and red pills of various shapes and sizes. The caption reads, "Drug and Alcohol Services".

A circle of hands reaching towards each other with the caption, "Peer to Peer Support"

A group of buildings resting on top of a globe with the caption, "Cultural & Linguistic Competency"

A drawing of a heart smiling and lifting a barbell above its head. The caption reads, "Physical Health".

A drawing of the scales of justice with the caption, "Juvenile Justice"

A green icon of two hands holding up a winged staff encircled by snakes. The caption reads, "Service Providers."

A purple drawing of four individuals, one of whom is in a wheelchair and one of whom is wearing glasses. The caption reads, "Disability."

A rainbow infinity sign with the caption, "Autism Resources"

A pink drawing of stick figures and a heart inside the outline of a house. The caption reads, "Parent & Family Resources".

A drawing of a person holding their head inside a black explosion. The caption reads, "Trauma."

A circle of hearts in the colors of the rainbow with the caption, "LGBTQ+ Resources"

A drawing of a group of people turned around and holding hands behind their backs with the caption, "BIPOC Resources"

A colorful drawing of children clustered inside a doorway, smiling and holding art supplies. The caption reads, "Youth Drop-ins and Clubhouses."

Red, orange, blue, and teal hands reaching upward, with the caption, "Youth Advocacy Organizations". 

Have a resource that we should include here?

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2551 Walnut Street 

Harrisburg, PA 17103

Office Phone:  717.221.1022

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Lifeline (

988 Partner Toolkit

Call or Text 9-8-8

The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project | For Young LGBTQ Lives


Youth America Hotline

Youth America Hotline (YAH) | Greater Longview United Way


988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline

Lifeline (

988 Partner Toolkit

Call or Text 9-8-8

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